Monday, July 23, 2007

Do they not talk to one another?

Am I the only one who reads both the Living and the Business section of the Tennessean? 'Cause it sure looks like their editors don't.

I'm finally getting around to reading this morning's paper and discover that both sections have printed the Margarita Bauza article from the Detroit Free Press. Looks word for word to me, though we're told "Wendy Lee of The Tennessean contributed" to the Living article.

"Living" version
"Business" version

Perhaps they could have used that space for more election coverage instead. Maybe Charlie Tygard will let them reprint his 'getting to know Nashville's candidates for mayor' article in today's campaign mailer from him. At least I learned that Briley and Dozier read the same book (though Dozier mis-identifies the book) and 3 out of 6 call Noshville the best restaurant for breakfast.

See if you can match the car to the candidate:

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