Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Did she mean it or not?

Understandably, MNPS BOE Chair Marsha Warden is a bit peeved with Councilman Eric Crafton over the mailer Crafton sent out recently. Quoting from the City Paper (I HATE their new site. How DO you get a decent URL to link to?)

Warden said she believed the postcard was dishonest.
“… Certainly, to do this without asking, without permission appears to be a violation of honesty and integrity.”
When she thanked him for his commitment to public education did she mean it or not? And if she meant it--why can't he point to her comments as validation of that commitment? It seems she used a stock phrase in routine official correspondence and while I've no doubt Crafton knows she never intended to support his candidacy the question is still: did she mean what she wrote? If he has been a supporter of public education in her opinion, it's not completely out of line for him to point that out.

There may also still be some hurt feelings regarding Crafton's Save Our Students effort which clearly pointed out that MNPS was not doing as well as we were being lead to believe.

Likely, the biggest reason for all the consternation is because his opponent Julie Lamb is Ms Warden's preferred candidate. Ms Lamb, some may know, has been the Chairman of MNPS Director of Schools Dr. Pedro Garcia's Parent Advisory Council. She was the elected chair. She was also voluntary member of the Standard School Attire study committee.
Julie Lamb, PAC president said that she had joined the SSA Study Committee when she realized that the two parents already on the committee were against the suggestion. SSA passes
Anyone considering voting for Ms Lamb should take some time to review her record of effectiveness as leader of the PAC. I believe that speaks directly to how effective she'll be as a councilman. You may want to read through the PAC minutes (there are several gaps, btw) of those meetings and ask her specifically what was accomplished and what assurance she can provide that she'll be able to accomplish anything in a much larger political pond.

Here's the entire letter from Ms Warden:

May 15, 2007

Councilman Eric Crafton
7557 Oakhaven Trace
Nashville, TN 37209

Dear Councilman Crafton:

Thank you for your commitment to the city of Nashville and to public education. As an elected Metro Council Member, you know firsthand the importance of public education. Whether it is an educated work force, an educated voting public, workforce development, or the Arts; economic development is dependent on strong public education. Funding for public education is paramount in achieving academic success.

Your presence yesterday was deeply appreciated. The joined forces of the Metro Council, School Board, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and others shows a strongly united city. Together, we can truly make a difference for the future of Nashville,

With Deep Appreciation,


Marsha H. Warden



cc: Board of Education Members


lcreekmo said...

Marsha Warden could well be grateful for Crafton's support, thus the letter, and still A. not want to make a public endorsement on a race that obviously affects her school board or B. support another candidate in the race, believing that person to be even better qualified than he.

As far as the Crafton postcard goes, it's incredibly deceitful, since most folks will just take a glance and assume it's an endorsement. He's certainly wanting people to make that mistake. It's just dishonest.

Buckley said...

Julie Lamb is a very dedicated stakeholder of MNPS. I don't agree with her on every policy or initiative of the PAC; however, she has been absolutely committed to a better school system. I realize Mr. Crafton spent several council meetings doing some power point presentations; that's his right, but I have seen Mr. Crafton be critical first and a part of the solution a distant second. The fact that he did this card without Mrs. Warden's permission speaks to that- his ability to work with other stakeholders. Crafton is out for Crafton. I have seen first hand that Julie Lamb intends to improve schools and the lives of Nashville's children. She'll be better for schools, she'll be better on neighborhood issues, and I believe she'll set a much better example of an ethical, conscientious representative for her district.

Most of the PAC minutes there have David Kern presiding. The two that Lamb presided over are chock full of good information, which is one of the main purposes of the council, as Kern pointed out. As for the comment about the SSA committee, I'm not sure what your point is, but there were also members who decided FOR SSA placed on the committee as well. Besides, Lamb wasn't a chair of that committee, so I don't know why that is a reflection of her at all.

Clearly, Lamb is the one who can maintain a positive relationship with the school representatives; I think she'll show the same dedication to working with neighborhood groups, too.


Buckley said...
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