Friday, February 02, 2007

Unsportmanslike conduct

The NFL has their panties in a wad and is putting churches on notice--no big Super Bowl parties with their game on the church's jumbotron.

Jamie Tucker , attempting to cover all the religons both AFC & NFC, breaks the news to us locally.

The NFL is concerned about what it calls "mass out of home viewings". Big groups watching the big game together on a big screen. Fall Creek Baptist in Indianapolis decided to scrap its plan to show the game as part of Sunday night services.
They're concerned? Why do they care? How does this activity materially harm the NFL? The stadium only holds so many people to begin with.

Maybe they should start renting the churches and charging for custom satellite feeds (No wardrobe failures. Guaranteed.) instead of demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct.

Perhaps the NFL is concerned that without alcohol, which I presume would be the norm in churches, the whole broadcast wouldn't be as entertaining?

Or maybe they don't want folks to have any fun in the worship centers of a religion other than the NFL.

They should consider that many of us wouldn't watch the contest if it didn't come with a generous helping of fellowship. If we're not watching, we're not seeing the ads. Seems to me showing Pepsi, Cadillac and GoDaddy that viewership is up thanks to these gatherings would allow them to charge even more for those mini-movies pushing products.

And what about all those men who get violent during these games? These men shouldn't be allowed to watch at home where their wives and children may be in grave danger. What better place to watch than church where their testosterone driven madness can be exorcised?

Is this going to be enforced at the local sports bar or fraternal organization too? Oh, forgot these are subsidiary churches of The One True Game.

Go Peyton!

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Divers and Sundry said...

Looks like it's all about the Nielsens. Check out the story here, where there's a link to an article at Follow the money.