Friday, February 23, 2007

Hot off the press

--or rather your Internet connection--the Agenda Packet for the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. This isn't the wimpy two page agenda that I've been complaining about for so long but the whole enchilada that I've been asking for since the summer. It's the entire board packet--all 83 pages that the board gets for their (and our) weekend reading pleasure. It comes in two parts so make sure you get both.

I believe that having this information before the meeting will help the community know what the BOE is doing and allow the community the opportunity to provide what could be very valuable input and opinion on agenda items. This is an important step forward for MNPS.

Here's the MNPS BOE Agenda and Minutes page.

Here's Tuesday's Agenda Packet in pdf format
(if you've got a slow connection you're warned)

Part 1 pages 1-39
Part 2 pages 40-83

Finally, here's the link to the BOE member page so you can provide your comments and opinions to the members.

So, do your part--cruise through this and let the conversation begin. I won't be able to read this until tomorrow (it's Family Night) but I'll post my observations tomorrow.

[Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)]

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this is awesome! thanks for the info -- i have spread the word --