Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Lovely" Strategic Planning

Have you seen what's been developed by the Strategic Plan Committee thus far?

Here's the proposed Mission Statement for MNPS:

The mission of Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, the heart and soul of the creative spirit of Music City, is to ensure each student realizes his/her ability to excel at levels not previously imagined, through a system distinguished by: safe environments characterized by love, value and acceptance; inclusive communities of learners; engaged students eager to share their thoughts; multiple paths to success; and active support among home, school, and community
I was never really fond of "Whatever it takes" and regularly mocked it, but this is just too warm and fuzzy to be taken seriously. This is the sort of education system that the Chamber wants to sell to businesses looking at Nashville? This is a post-modern world.

Further the proposed Beliefs are as follows.
  • All people deserve love
  • Each person has unquestionable value
  • Each person's unique potential has no boundaries
  • Every person can learn no matter where he/she is in life
  • Our lives are enriched by relationships with all people
  • Trust results from investing in each other
  • Greater understanding increases compassion
  • Respect comes from treating others the way we want to be treated
  • Discipline in one's life builds character
  • People are responsible for their own actions
  • All people want to learn and grow
  • Many important things cannot be measured
  • There is a purpose in every life
  • Every person has a need to laugh and celebrate life
  • Only when people are united in their beliefs are they unbreakable
The proposed Parameters:
  • We will make all decisions based strictly on the best interest of the student
  • We will not engage in anything that does not directly support our primary-secondary education program
  • We will not accept failure
  • We will make optimal use of technology throughout the system
  • We will always expect the best of everyone and ourselves
And finally the proposed Objectives:
  • 100% of Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools student will graduate
  • 100% of students exceed established academic standards
  • All students are responsible participating citizens of the global community
  • Each student excels in the life path of his/her choice.
I kid you not. This is all from the volunteer form I received at the last PAC meeting. I was asked to participate by a couple of people, and I appreciate that, but the commitment of one evening a week for 10 weeks was more than my schedule can accommodate.

Here's a chart of the 9 committees, their assigned 'strategy' and their current leadership.

Action Team Leader



Board Member/District

Meeting Location

I. We will support each student as the operative agent in the successful discovery and pursuit of his/her personal goals.

Susan Whitworth

Risé Pope

Manuel Fonseca

Elois Freeman

David Fox/ 8

J. T. Moore Middle


II. We will ensure all students achieve academic excellence.

Cherish Piché

Michael Ross

Elizabeth Knox

Sam Braden

Ed Kindall/ 7

Croft Middle


III. We will provide all students with safe and nurturing learning environments.

Renita Perkins

Pam Stockett

Lt. David Jones

Henry Flenory

George Thompson/ 1

Taylor Stratton Elementary


IV. We will ensure that we have exemplary staff throughout the system.

Janette Carter

Margie Johnson

Kathy Nevill

Debby Gould

Jo Ann Brannon/ 2

Gra-Mar Middle


V. We will ensure an array of educational options for each student to pursue his/her personal goals.

Greg Patterson

Kay Rackard

Lynn Stuart

Deirdre Reed

Gracie Porter/ 5

Lockeland Elementary


VI. We will ensure a network of personal support for each student.

Jim Overstreet

Rob Sasser

Avi Poster

Brenda King

Karen Johnson/ 6

Una Elementary


VII. We will immerse all families in their children’s education.

Alvin Jones

Brenda Steele

Kathy Buggs

Enoch Fuzz

Marsha Warden/ 9

Eakin Elementary


VIII. We will ensure the convergence of schools and communities to achieve student success.

Jim Briggs

Sheila Woodruff

Marc Hill

Harold Finch

Pam Garrett/ 3

Hull-Jackson Elementary


IX. We will establish MNPS as the premier educational system for ensuring every student excels at levels not previously imagined.

Wayne Parker

Ervin Tinnon

Dan Surface

Rodger Dinwiddie

Steve Glover/ 4

Stanford Elementary


I believe you're going to want to make your opinions known to the BOE.
Email all the BOE members with this link.


Anonymous said...

even though i am participating in one of the action teams my hope is the board cleans this up./

the mission statement is way to long and flowery.

i think the beliefs are what drove the mission statement and should shown before the mission statement not after it

the nine objectives/targets can easily be condensed

i think as much as we did not like the way the original strategic plan was put in place this has swung too far the other way

we will see...

Anonymous said...

Gag! Some of them are okay, but it makes me think The Beatle's "All You Need is Love" is going to be our theme song.

IMHO the touchy feely stuff, or the excess of it, will end up contradicting this: "We will not engage in anything that does not directly support our primary-secondary education program." I shared them at lunch with my department and that was generally the sentiment- the beliefs are short on academics.

And this one: "Only when people are united in their beliefs are they unbreakable." What is the deal with everybody having to agree on everything? Great ideas often come from debate, from reaching compromise on opposing viewpoints. When students have teachers who do things in different ways and focus on different goals, they are benefited more than being exposed to one main strategy.