Friday, November 10, 2006

Undress code

The first dress code in schools is to actually be dressed--in something.

Harpeth Valley Elementary School was put on a security lockdown early Thursday morning – just as most students were arriving for the day – after a teacher found a naked man inside the school cafeteria. City Paper
My question is how is it this fellow got away? Why didn't the teacher keep him in sight while calling for help? Did the teacher even question the fellow?
But [MPD spokesman Don] Aaron said that even if he is found, police may not be able to prosecute if he was merely changing his clothes.

Aaron said that “nothing is suggestive” of the man being a sexual predator. Still, the investigation was handed over to a detective with the Sex Crimes Unit.
I'm not buying it. This is completely unacceptable behavior and IS suggestive. It's not like there aren't bathrooms around or private offices with locks on the doors. Maybe you change your shirt or pants--but it takes a 'special' kind of person to do something so brazen.

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