Friday, November 03, 2006

Ted Haggard

This morning we wake to shocking allegations in regard to Ted Haggard a well known and influential member of the Christian faith. Not surprisingly this comes at a time when 8 states are voting on the definition of marriage. Also not surprising is that this happens in the back yard of Dr. James Dobson a strong proponent of the traditional definition of marriage. It's an effective strategy to take out those close to the generals and I can't think of anyone who has fought harder to ensure that the definition of marriage remains "one man and one woman". Ted Haggard pastors a large church in the same town that hosts Dr. Dobson's ministry Focus on the Family. Obviously, Dr. Dobson isn't responsible for Mr. Haggard's conduct, but linkage will occur regardless. Political opponents are counting on it.

Anyone attending the Stand for the Family Rally here in Nashville several weeks back should remember that Dr. Dobson said that he'd heard from high level politicos that outings were coming. What I heard in his voice was not fear that these would be revealed but sadness that there might be anything to reveal.

Later in the evening Pastor Ken Hutcherson gave a strong word to the church about its own unrighteousness. What I heard him say was that the reason the church is hesitant to be as vocal about Biblical principles as it ought to be is because we know we have unrighteousness in our lives. That was a sobering word and entirely true.

No sin is truly private. It has the potential to poison the efforts of so many and harm the lives of untold numbers as we are about to see and have seen in the past. We must walk lives that allow us the greatest freedom to bring about the changes needed. To hobble ourselves, His message and the good work of those around us we've got to ensure that our lives are lived cleanly. Yes, no human is perfect and I believe we all need of a Savior, but we can do a great deal to ensure that those mistakes don't become a crippling lifestyle.

So today, while the facts are still being discovered, is not a day to point fingers at Ted Haggard but to search our own hearts for areas of uncleanness, to ask forgiveness and embrace the Father's grace so freely given. There is a long line of those who have shamefully fallen or been wrongfully accused and with God's help risen better and stronger. My prayer is that Ted will be among those who overcome by the blood of the Lamb.

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