Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remember this quote

Dr. Earl H. Wiman, president of the Tennessee Education Association, praised results of the state Report Card released Friday afternoon. (snip)
“What I see as our overall greatest achievement is our growing ability to use our testing data to help each individual student. After all, for us educators, tests are about diagnoses, not punishments. Chattanoogan
If he really believes this--let's see teacher value added scores too. The system cannot be accurately diagnosed when one of the largest factors impacting its health is kept hidden.


Anonymous said...

And we need the scores faster, too. When the state needs to (Gateway scores that become a part of a high school student's course grade), they can get scores back to us in two weeks; when there is no compelling reason besides that above, it takes months.

Further, we in Metro don't have good enough access to previous years' scores. There's a place in the Chancery system for it, but I've yet to see them loaded in. We can go to guidance and ask for each and every score to be looked up and xeroxed, but in today's high tech world, it shouldn't be that cumbersome.

I hope I'm wrong, but something doesn't seem quite right about the change in graduation rates at a few of the schools. Was the state formula changed at all?

Anonymous said...

Tom -- I thought the state formula was changed to include those students with IEPs that said they needed five years to graduate. Sandy Johnson said that is not the case. The place to check is the state workbookds that were approved in June 2004 for the 2004-2005 school year and June 2005 for the 2005-2006 school year.

Hope this helps -- a little

Cappuccino Soul said...

Where can we find the results (school breakddown) of the Metro report card? Has that been published yet?

Kay Brooks said...

DOE Report Card web site

Use the drop down menus to find Davidson County.

Part I is a basic demographic overview and statistics.

Part II is Student Academic Achievement in Math, Reading, Social Studies and Science.

Part III is TVAAS (Value Added) Have the children learned a year's worth of Math, Reading, Social Studies and Science or not at that school?

Part IV Did the school make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)?

Kay Brooks said...

There's something in the back of my brain that says the way graduation was measured changed also. I'll have to check into that. No time today though.