Thursday, November 23, 2006

Everyday matters?

Was I the only one who got a newspaper sans news? No, I don't mean the usual Tennessean condition, I mean did anyone else get a Tennessean newspaper bag stuffed with ads (and I mean stuffed to the point the bag burst when it hit the driveway) and only the Living section? I know it's a national holiday and all (Black Friday) but are the only things that 'matter' today the articles on salvaging cooking disasters and how to make Black Friday easier?

I've called the customer service counter at the Tennessean but they've apparently taken the day off. All I can access is voice mail which says they're closed and telling me when they're open (hours which include this moment). I did manage to connect with a woman in the news department who apologized for the trouble and tried to directly connect me to the customer service department but I was back on the voice mail trail. Mine was not the only call she'd fielded this morning.

Well, I'm thankful I can at least read Mallard Fillmore, Zits and Ms. Cheap today.

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