Monday, September 25, 2006

Starting Monday in high gear

Jessalynn Bailey from Jackson, Tennessee vents first thing this morning and gives the educrats an earful. This part tends to be true in my experience:

Dr. Nancy Zambito, the outsider who was hired to do an inside job as our [Jackson, Tennessee] superintendent of public schools, is set to start a countywide "listening tour" to determine what folks around here want in public education. (snip)

When politicians or power players launch a listening tour, watch out. They are usually not interested in fixing what ails us, but more concerned with ascertaining what stumps they'll have to plow around to execute what they've already determined is best for us. (Think annexation). I've said it before and will continue to repeat this truth - as long as the anti-American, diabolical National Education Association has any influence on local public schools, the schools will continue to hopelessly disintegrate.

And she's really just getting started. It would be easy, and foolish, to dismiss her voice as being part of the radical fringe. What BOE members must understand is that while she's out front with her views, there are many, many citizens who are tired, frustrated and leaning her way and leaving the system and withholding their support. BOE members, school administrators and politicians must quit considering only the voices of those who are IN the public school system and be willing to learn from the parents who've left what must be fixed in order to have a truly successful PUBLIC school system. Otherwise, what has been created is a private system supported by public funds.

Hat tip: Ben

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Anonymous said...

Kay -- in light of the district starting to revamp its strategic plan and in light of the fact that they will be holding community meetings, please post this and the prior post to ptotalk.