Thursday, September 21, 2006

MNPS ACT standings

There's a chart at that helps put these ACT scores in some context. I've taken that chart and included the names of the Metropolitan Nashville Public School high schools for a clearer look at where we stand nationally.

Table 2 (with MNPS high schools added)

College Admission Policy

Typical ACT Composite Scores

2005 MNPS Schools
by 3 year average
in descending order

Highly selective (majority of accepted freshmen in top 10% of high school graduating class)


Selective (majority of accepted freshmen in top 25% of high school graduating class)


Hume Fog Magnet
MLK Magnet

Traditional (majority of accepted freshmen in top 50% of high school graduating class)



Liberal (some freshmen from lower half of high school graduating class)


East Literature Magnet
John Overton
Nashville Arts Magnet

Open (all high school graduates accepted, to limit of capacity)


Hunters Lane
Whites Creek
Pearl Cohn Magnet

Hat tip to Bernie for posting the chart to NashvillePTO Talk.

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Anonymous said...

Certainly room for improvement, but it should be noted for clarity that you don't get a full picture without SAT scores as well. The graduation requirement mandates one of the tests. Generally, students who are planning to attend a public university in Tennessee take the ACT; students planning on applying to private and some out of state universities take the SAT, which is considered a harder test. So, probably the highest achieving students at a school will not be included in the ACT data. Just FYI.