Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Officially English II

The Tennessean tells us the council is split on how to vote for Eric Crafton's bill on making English the official Metro Nashville language for business.

According to the Tennessean poll it's readership isn't split at all. Here's what it looked liked this morning at 6:59 a.m. , Tuesday 9/19/06 the morning of the first scheduled vote.

Should Metro make English its official language?


Total Votes: 4947

And, as I mentioned yesterday, Crafton understands that in order to properly serve the greater good of Nashville some of our employees will still be translating and he clarifies:
Crafton said he would exempt from the English-only requirement "anything that would be considered a safety issue or a health issue" within the government, while "routine business" such as applying for a building permit or applying for water service should be done in English only.
I'll clarify. It is not xenophobia that causes me to encourage this legislation. It's knowing that the greatest freedom and safety for this immigrant population will only come when they are conversant in English. To continue to enable their dependence upon translation is an unnecessary burden on their host communities and will result in their being unable to advocate for themselves--and that's the real danger they (we) need to examine closely.

Yes, it's a hard thing to come to a new place and have to learn a new language, granted. But, as I understand it, life where many of these folks came from is no picnic either. But they've made it this far. They can learn English and throw the door open for real opportunity and success here.


Anonymous said...

Do you also realize that being conversant in English is a requirement for naturalization as a U.S. Citizen? That's a federal requirement!

Anonymous said...

What is a language? A Cultural experience? A way of looking and experiencing the world. Air.

How can i possible know what it is like to speak in my Mothers native language. A language is a world.

She is Welsh. In Wales in the 1930's the British decided that the Welsh Peoples must speak English in Public Places and Welsh children counld not speak it in School.

How can a Culture say that one language is inferior to another ?
Striping one of language is like ripping out a persons heart.

Assimulate? What on earth is your
reasoning behind that word?
What does it mean to you?

No. I don't agree with with the Assimulation Theory. It is Culturally and racially biased and
is utter poppy-cock nonsense manifested from myopic minds.


Kay Brooks said...

Yes, I do know that English is required for citizenship. See my previous blog entry.

No one is 'stripping' these people of their native language. No one is saying that English is superior--I've taught four children how to read and write *I* know that it's got its problems.

My reasoning behind 'assimilate' is that for there to be an orderly society we need some consistency. English is one of those consistencies I consider vital to our 'melting pot' society.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kay,
but I completely disagree with your interpretation of" assimulation" and " controled society" . These are Civil Rights Issues.

Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Coalition.