Monday, December 05, 2005

Pre-school problems

A portent of things to come?

California is dealing with universal preschool. They used Quebec's version as a model and...well, it turns out it's not going very well up there. This from Lisa Snell and Shikha Dalmia

The final price tag for Quebec's day care program is 33 times what was originally projected: It was supposed to cost $230 million over five years, but now gobbles $1.7 billion every year.

With this kind of spending, one would think that Quebec was offering top-notch day care to every tot, toddler and teen.

Think again.

Much of the increased spending has gone not toward increased access, but increased costs. Day care worker unions, on the threat of strike, negotiated a 40 percent increase in wages over four years. The cost of care has doubled since the program began, with the annual per-infant cost now exceeding $15,000. From SFGate

Now go read what Simply I has posted about the Pre-K quagmire that's begun in Tennessee.

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