Thursday, December 08, 2005

Diploma lite

Georgia is thinking like Tennessee and other states. Student's are having a hard time passing the necessary tests to get a high school diploma so the GA State Board of Education has:

approved a rule Wednesday that will give some students who repeatedly fail one portion of the high school graduation test a chance to get a diploma anyway. From AJC.
and let's not overlook the kicker at the end of the article:

Sean McKenzie, a northwest Georgia teacher, asked legislators to intervene last year on behalf of several of his Hispanic students who could not pass the test.

He said the students worked hard to learn the material, but they didn't speak English well enough to pass. He has said he doesn't think the new state rule goes far enough in making the process fair to students with language barriers.

Couldn't speak English well enough to pass the test. So how well are they really going to do in our society?
And if we allow this accomodation have we really provided the skills necessary to be successful? Or are they going to be limited to their own communities? Educrats continuously throw the socialization question in the face of homeschoolers--isn't this a fundamental socialization skill that shouldn't be overlooked?

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