Monday, December 26, 2005

Coal for the TEA

...courtesy of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. Children and families desperately need educational options. Excellent teachers ought to be paid well and not have to support the mediocre on the team. Government must get the highest return for taxpayer dollars possible. The one entity that consistently stands in the way of all of that is the teacher's union and TCPR does a good job of explaining how they stand in the way.

TCPR "grants the award to the person or group that, more than any other over the past year, has bah-humbugged the American ideal of personal initiative, individual liberty and a constitutional government while acting as a Grinch to taxpayers by unnecessarily and wastefully spending their money."

Congrats to the TEA...considering how busy a political year this has been in the state, this was no small feat.

Read the entire award at the TCPR website.

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