Thursday, December 08, 2005

Here's a thought...

...real scientists teaching science--

The Thomas Fordham Institute has released a study of science in public schools.

Mr. [Paul R] Gross [the study's chief author] said that more critical [than evolution v. intelligent design] has been a retreat from an emphasis on all science instruction, which is leaving students ungrounded in basic subjects like biology, human physiology and the environment. From the NYTimes

and from the Fordham website comes this suggestion:

More involvement by bench scientists, and better editing, could greatly improve what’s out there.

Bench scientists--I'm all for encouraging people who actually know the subject being recruited and placed in our classrooms. I suspect we'd have less dogmatism about evolution and ID if such were so.

Here's the link to the Fordham study: The State of Science Standards 2005.

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