Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Show us the paper

It's a great question Joe The Farmer asks:

The question not being asked by the holders of power, who dismiss this as a rightwing conspiracy, is what's the downside of disclosing?
Really--what is the downside of disclosing? The longer Obama withholds his "Certificate of Live Birth" from the public the more concerned I get. Obama may be a man with a global view of citizenship but the Constitution he's about to swear he'll preserve, protect and defend still requires our presidents to be 'natural born' citizens. At some point we've got to decide how we're going to enforce that Constitutional provision or else it, and the rest of the document, is worthless.


Nashteach said...

The certificate

The debunking of the "myth"

Kay Brooks said...

It's a forgery.

In defense of the forgery Snopes asserts it's absurd that a politician would lie to gain political office. THAT's absurd.

Why not just release it? What's the downside for him to keeps him from doing so?

AND the larger issue do we enforce this provision of the Constitution?

N.S. Allen said...

Here's FactCheck, complete with pictures of the actual birth certificate and reports from people who have seen, in person, the actual certificate. It also addresses the "forgery" myth.

Also, it includes an excerpt from the Honolulu Advertiser from Aug. 13th, 1961, including a birth announcement for Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama.

Kay Brooks said...

This "Dr. Polarik" makes a very convincing case and here Polarik Final Report which gives one pause.

To be fair here's someone pointing out the errors in Dr. Polrik's analysis: How not to do Image Analysis Part II

The question about who has the authority to determine presidential eligibility remains unanswered. Whatever you think of the current concern over Obama's do we ensure the Constitutional rule is upheld?

And again unanswered is "What's the downside to asking the SOS of HI to release the full COLB for all the world to see? The fact that he doesn't, the fact that he's fighting it, the fact that his Kenyan g'ma says he was born in Mombasa and she was there, the fact Daily Kos got the document first, the arguments made by people like Dr. Polarik don't instill confidence and make it look like a coverup in in the works.

William said...

The question about who has the authority to determine presidential eligibility remains unanswered.

Considering that McCain's eligibility to be a presidential candidate was significant enough a question to require a Senate vote this past April affirming his natural born status (because he was born outside of the US), I find this whole Obama question pretty ridiculous ... and pretty ironic