Sunday, November 30, 2008

145 chances

Almost un--be--liev--able. After 146 criminal charges and just 5 days after his latest conviction he obtains a gun, attempts to rob a convenience store and gets himself killed by an off duty security guard who obviously doesn't work for Wackenhut. Here's the MNPD press release. Emphasis added.

November 30, 2008

Detectives are classifying this morning’s shooting death of armed robbery suspect Jamie L. Sullivan as justifiable homicide.

Sullivan, 37, entered the Mapco market, 2101 Murfreesboro Pike, at 1:45 a.m. wearing a mask and carrying a pistol. Also in the market was uniformed security guard Eric Gordon, 22, who had stopped in to buy gasoline. According to Gordon, Sullivan pointed his pistol at Gordon’s head and threatened to kill him if he (Gordon) didn’t surrender his holstered gun. As Sullivan moved to take Gordon’s gun, a struggle ensued. Gordon drew his nine millimeter pistol and shot Sullivan one time in the face. Sullivan died at the scene. Detectives subsequently discovered that Sullivan’s gun was a BB pistol that closely resembled a real firearm.

Sullivan had been charged by Metro police with 146 offenses over the past 19 years (between June 1989 and this month). His last arrest was November 20 for trespassing, which resulted in a conviction and a 30-day sentence on November 25.

Sullivan’s photograph is being withheld at present so as not to jeopardize potential photo lineups as South Precinct detectives investigate whether he was involved in other crimes.

Gordon is a security guard for ASPI Services.
Who was the judge who didn't send him directly to jail upon his conviction? Sullivan would likely be alive now and two citizens wouldn't be two more victims.

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