Friday, November 14, 2008

The Democrat Bus

AC Kleinheider at the Nashville Post asks:

Has (Republican Lt. Gov. Ron) Ramsey just thrown Rosalind Kurita under the bus?
Rosalind Kurita's problems are not the Republican Party's problem. It's the problem of the Democrat Party solely.

They were the ones that didn't groom anyone to take over the Lt. Gov. job before it became obvious Wilder was becoming incompetent. Anyone with sense, like Kurita, realized he was unfit to continue in the office and that wasn't good for the Democrat Party or, more importantly, the State of Tennessee. She did the right thing and she was rewarded for her brave move with the Speaker Pro Tempore job for two years.

Democrats were the ones who stole the election from Kurita as payback for not supporting Wilder.

Democrats owned and drove the bus that drove over Kurita.

It's their party and they can cry if they want to but don't come begging to Republicans for sympathy.

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