Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good news for Tennessee

I'm sighing big with relief this morning that the Republicans have control of both the Tennessee House and Senate. Thank you to all of you who worked so hard to create this change of guard. This is even better than just defeating one or two troublesome legislators. This is a fundamental shift in how the House will be doing business. As a result of yesterday's election we'll have Republican control of the committee system that has stymied ethics reform and freedoms. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

I am so thankful Naifeh isn't in control of the House. I'm so thankful that the Odem/Naifeh fight over the speakership is a moot point. So thankful I won't have to work hard to get legislation through the House TEA leaning Education Committees only to have it die in the Democrat controlled Calendar and Rules Committee which is the House trump card when all else fails.

The difference between the success here in Tennessee for the Republicans and those across the nation is that Republicans here have clearly demonstrated their difference from the Democrats. Party Chair Robin Smith has taken a LOT of heat about how she's run that organization but the proof most certainly is in the pudding. Look at what her leadership has brought us. Thank you, Robin. Thank you to every Republican who put themselves out there as a candidate. Thank you to every phone, poll, sign, financial volunteer. Thank you to every voter.

I'm already looking forward to a Christmas that doesn't have the dread of a January opening of the legislature and the shenanigans that might ensue. Yes, I'm breathing easier today.

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N.S. Allen said...

I can't say that I'm surprised to see the TN Dems lose control of the state legislature. Beyond the fact that TN Dems had much less incentive to come out to vote on the major races, the TN Democratic party is just...sort of sad. They play their policies poorly and their politics worse.

So, on the one hand, I suspect that I'll like the looks of a TN legislature led by state Republicans even less, in terms of what they pass and what they get done. On the other hand, at least it won't be my party that I'm shaking my head and sighing at.

And I can hope that, while they're in the minority, the TN Dems will move closer to the national Dems on some issues. That, of course, depends on Democratic success at the national level, policy-wise, in which case I suspect TN will be a little more open to some hints of blue. And, when that happens, the state party will trail right along.

(It's hard to be upset, also, because, state legislature aside, Barack Obama is going to be our next president.)