Sunday, November 30, 2008


File this with the statements from folks who think outlawing guns will actually work. This from the chairman of the corporation that owns the hotel in Mumbai, India that was attacked this past week.

However, [Ratan] Tata said the attackers did not enter through the entrance that has a metal detector. Instead, they came in a back entrance, he said.

"They knew what they were doing, and they did not go through the front. All of our arrangements are in the front," he said.

"They planned everything," he said of the attackers. "I believe the first thing they did, they shot a sniffer dog and his handler. They went through the kitchen."

Melanie Phillips is exactly right on in calling this another specific attack on civilization. These Islamic Terrorist picked that location and the people that would be there. We need to quit being surprised that they're using non-conventional tactics. It's completely foolish to expect people at war to use the front door and politely wait to be scanned for metal. Apparently, our local middle schools have better intrusion protection than this luxury hotel in an area that has a history of violence between factions. How dare they come in the back way?

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