Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good start

The Tennessee Republican Caucus has issued a statement (with the 50 signatures of its members) demonstrating their

"...unified commitment to vote for a Republican for Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives. We also commit to vote for a Republican Speaker Pro Tempore."
I'm waiting to also see a version of this letter for the constitutional officers and every committee chair in the House and Senate. Then I'll feel a bit more comfortable about whether they really understand what our votes meant.
Tennessee voters asked for change by electing Republicans to lead, and Tennessee voters are ready for common sense to make a comeback in government.
Common sense says we voted a Republican majority we want Republicans, not RINOS, not Democrats who voted with us now and again and figure they're owed any sort of bone, but Republicans who are real conservatives running the legislature and those constitutional offices.

Do not mess this first step up! We cannot show Tennesseans how superior conservatism is if we act all hands-across-the aisle and lose that hand to get the job done. Let the Democrats squeal and complain. I'll start listening to their complaints about how unfair it is in about 140 years.

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