Friday, August 29, 2008


It's Sarah Palin!!! THIS works for me! I'm feeling a good bit like "Take THAT Dems!" I'm very jazzed. I was out to restock the refrigerator and had to listen to much of the anticipation and McCain's introduction via Michael DelGiorno's radio program and just managed to make it back home in time to see McCain on TV actually say her name and then hear her acceptance speech. I was amazed as I was listening to the listing of her qualifications and life experience. She hits just about every right note with me.

  • Female
  • Married
  • Mom
  • Hockey mom (soccer...please)
  • Son currently in the Army and headed to Iraq
  • Special Needs mom
  • 3 daughters
  • Beauty Queen
  • Basketball player
  • Husband works for a living
  • Raised in a small town
  • Lifetime NRA member
  • Pro-Life (who walked the talk that every life is valuable)
  • Governor of her state after being a city councilman and mayor
  • Wants us to Drill Here, Drill Now
And that's just the start. McCain had my vote, reluctantly. Now he has my support.


N.S. Allen said...

Ironically, the Sarah Palin choice had my (very pro-Obama) family energized and excited this morning, too.

I was personally hoping for Joe Lieberman or Mitt Romney, and this one falls somewhere between those two in terms of "dumb political moves." It undercuts McCain's experience claims and is, I think, so blatantly a political plot that it will hurt him in the long run. It made my mother laugh, when she heard it, and I've already heard similar reports from people on completely different ends of the political spectrum.

(Seriously, Metro-Nashville has twice the population of the state Palin ran. And I'd be scared to death if any Nashville politician were sitting in the White House.)

I'll give props to Palin on this - she seems like a very nice woman, and her moderate stances on, say, gay rights, make me smile. But she's a poor choice to be vice president, and I think the nation will recognize this.

But, hey, we can both be happy about this one! It works out well in that extent, at least.

Kay Brooks said...

She's more prepared to be VP than Obama is to be POTUS.

But, hey if we're both happy with McCain picking her, for whatever reason, I can live with that. :-)

RE: Population...not twice...

2006 Alaska pop: 670,053
2006 Nashville pop: 552,120

She was a mayor before being governor. What executive experience does Obama have?

N.S. Allen said...

On the population note: hence, why I said Metro-Nashville. Wikipedia (which, I admit, is a poor but quick source of academic rigor) gives the Metro population as 1,521,437, more than twice 670,053.

Likewise, Palin's mayoral post was in a town with under 10,000 people. Barack Obama had a bigger constituency when he was a state senator.

I'd agree, of course, that Obama has never held an executive post. Neither has John McCain, to my knowledge - he went straight to the legislative branch. So, when it comes to being chief executive, I'm not looking for experience - neither one has that - but the candidates' candor and the rationality of their foreign policy.

Obama's past the goal point for me, in that respect. McCain isn't, good soldier though he was. I'll have to hear what Palin has to say about foreign policy, before I can say where she is on the field.

Meredith said...

I am most excited by her walking the walk in a way that no male politician will ever articulate as clearly.

Erika said...

"Take that, Dems!"? Gawd.

Do you support the Bush administration’s attempt to redefine many forms of birth control as abortion?

Kay Brooks said...

I don't know which 'forms' you're referring to but it's possible.

JJ Ross said...

Pro-capital punishment and pro-war is hardly pro-life. And beauty queen is hardly pro-woman. A bachelor's in PR-journalism with a poly sci minor is hardly highly educated in constitutional law, which is what we NEED after the oil-greed-control-privacy violations of the constitution blithely wrought by evangelicals and dominionists Bush-Cheney.

And teaching creationism in science class is hardly pro-education much less pro-intelligence or pro-solving the world's real problems in real time, with real ideas that work.

But I guess at least evangelical women have something to play with and pretend, for a couple of months. Let's hope the national media doesn't get the notion this is a "pro-homeschooling" ticket!

JJ Ross said...

Btw, she was briefly mayor of a town populated by only about one-quarter the population of the school district I helped administer with a doctorate in instructional management and public education leadership, 25 years ago. Which nevertheless hardly qualifies me for the U.S. presidency, much less her!

Kay Brooks said...

Yet, still more executive experience than Obama who is actually running for president, not VP.

JJ Ross said...

Seriously?? I have more executive experience and community service (and education and maturity) than she does -- though she does have strong ties to unions and public shcooling, and a scorched earth kind of personal competitiveness as opposed to bridge-building, I've give you that.

None of which is about supporting homeschooling!

Kay Brooks said...

Again, Palin's not at the top of the ticket and has executive experience in government. Obama has NONE. What's his track record? According to Clinton--he gave a speech in 2004.

JJ Ross said...

McCain is a very old and obviously out of touch man, who's had a hard life (on both body and mind) and a couple of families. And he's had cancer -- twice -- already.

His choice to back him up as commander in chief -- who he's only met twice himself and the second time was to offer her the job after he already decided she was politically expedient -- says she hasn't even focused on Iraq. (And why would she, as mayor of a tiny hamlet and then new gov of a remote state smaller in total than the Dade County school system?)

If his veep isn't ready on Day One to be president, his ticket is EXTREMELY risky to America. Woman or not.

Nashteach said...

She's interesting to be sure. Too conservative for me on a number of issues, but I respect her going after corrupt politicians in her own party and her walking the walk of avoiding wasteful spending.

But yeah, the experience argument is a wash now. It seems McCain is ignoring the arguments he's made during the primaries that Obama doesn't have enough experience in foreign policy or military matters. Now it seems to the conservative pundits that "experience" doesn't mean what McCain's been saying it means. It's all just nutty...McCain's DC experience good, Biden's bad...Palin's newcomer status good...Obama's bad. No one is going to be credible on this; the issue's no-win for either camp. History shows it hasn't been a deciding issue in many past elections.

Kay, months ago, you seems to show concern over Sharon Gentry's pending new motherhood. Palin has a four month old, and one who needs special attention. Running for VP and beginning a new administration is surely tougher than being a school board member. Different take now?

Kay Brooks said...

Not so much. Palin's not a new mom like Gentry. It's my experience, and similar to many moms and dads I've known, that the first one is a HUGE transition. You may remember that I had that same concern with CM Erik Cole whose wife was expecting their first child very near election time. It's the first timers that need to be more careful not the 5th timers.

Palin's sooo been there and done that, knows what to expect, has a good idea of how to order her life and take care of herself. Also, she's got nearly grown daughters living in the home that can lend a hand.

N.S. Allen said...

Okay, here's what baffles me about what I keep hearing from conservatives: why is Obama's lack of executive experience a serious issue, while John McCain's is not?

John McCain has never held executive office. He has not been a mayor, governor, president - he's been sitting in the U.S. House and Senate for almost three decades. Like Barack Obama, his executive resume is just a big 0.

And, yet, I think most people would agree he's much more qualified to be president than Sarah Palin.

I'd agree, myself. I think he'd be an awful pres, but I think he'd have a much clearer idea of what the job entails than Gov. Palin, who, just a month ago, was telling reporters that she didn't know what the VP did.

Nashteach said...

Well, to be fair, the whole "What does the VP do?" comment was clearly a rhetorical question she asked in an attempt to dodge the "Would you be VP?" question like most politicians do. Her comments that she hadn't been following the Iraq War should be more alarming from someone agreeing to be second in command.

din819go said...

Way to go JJ!

My concern -- of all the highly qualified people we have in this country who could make the desparately needed change in the way the government is run and the direction the country is going we got these four people?

Geez --

McCain has had cancer four times. Palin has no qualifications to be commander in chief.

Truthfully, the other side is not much strong IMHO.

Picking Palin was a gutsy move to be sure...time will tell what will happen.

I enjoyed the comments -- thanks!

Kay Brooks said...

As governor Palin is commander of their National Guard. She's been to Iraq to visit her troops. Her own son is in the Army and headed for Iraq. She can handle a weapon herself.

What experience does Obama have to be Commander in Chief? What qualifies him?

notforuniforms said...

Just a few incorrect facts in your posts:

Sharon Gentry's not a first time (new) Mom.

Palin has not been to Iraq.

Kay Brooks said...

I stand corrected. There was some confusion in published reports about her trip to the Middle East. Bound to happen when no one expected her nomination and news services were scrambling to find out who she was and what she'd done.

She was in Kuwait visiting her troops and then Germany to visit other soldiers according to the New York Times.