Saturday, August 30, 2008


I've been amused at what seems like sheer panic on the left side of the political aisle over Palin's being McCain's Veep. I interpret that to mean McCain picked the right person.

RedHatRob, who has a bit of executive experience himself, explains what kind of experience is really important and why Sarah Palin's is the kind we should vote for.

"In fact, Sarah Palin is perhaps the BEST qualified of the four (Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin) to assume the duties of the presidency."

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N.S. Allen said...

I've got to say, to me, that sounds like a huge John McCain, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama. Anyone who's going to pretend that McCain's almost thirty years in Congress leave him less prepared for the presidency than some person who's been governor of a scarcely populated state for less time than McCain's been running for president is, I suspect, just being intentionally obtuse.

Consider this, hypothetically. McCain-Palin wins the election. On inauguration day, though, the old guy collapses into a permanent coma, right as he puts his hand on the Bible. Within the hour, an international crisis breaks out between Russia and a former Soviet Republic. (Or between any other potential crisis-makers, if you'd prefer.)

High drama aside, would you really feel more confident with Sarah Palin talking on the big, red phone, just because she's spent around twenty months running a state with a tiny population?

(Or, if we want take this argument about executive experience automatically trumping legislative experience to its logical extreme...would you feel safe, if Sarah Palin called Karl Dean in to talk to Medvedev?)