Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SSA could be worse

It didn't take long for the Metro Parents Against Standard School attire to begin whining about the dress code for Metro Nashville schools. Some seem to be hoping that the new school board will take it up again and vote it out before the trial run has expired. In the meantime there are school districts that are handling violations much more severely.

Things got heated at the Gonzales [Texas] ISD school board meeting Monday night when parents battled officials over a new rule that dress code violators will wear jumpsuits.

The police were called in when things got out of hand at the packed meeting.(snip)

Last month the Gonzales School Board passed a new dress code for 5th through 12th graders, including the idea that violators will wear the blue jumpsuits instead of being put into in-school suspension. WOAI TV

Video makes it clear that jumpsuits are an option if children aren't able to change into suitable attire.

I may never understand why clothing raises such passion while facility conditions, test scores, lack of funding or staff accountability gets a shrug of apathy.

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