Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Old media nod to new media

This morning's Tennessean recognizes the new media blogs in this morning's edition. While we appreciate the nod new media folks reading via the web will recognize that the paper still doesn't understand that hyperlinks are expected. The paper lists the URLs for blogs but doesn't bother to go just a bit further and actually make it easy for folks to 'go there'. The only hyperlinks are for those annoying pop-up ads.

“The Tennessee blogosphere is pretty mutually supportive for the most part,” said [Glenn] Reynolds." And so in that vein I'll point out that his moniker is Red Hat Rob with an R, not Red Hat Bob with a B.

It's also interesting to note that the Republican convention will have more than 200 bloggers in attendance. The Democratic convention only 55 bloggers. Not surprising from the folks that shut down CPAN.


Meredith said...

And they didn't include the Kay Brooks blog? Tsssk!

Kay Brooks said...

Well, they didn't mention me by name but they did pull a quote from the Tennessee ConserVOLiance from yesterday regarding the Education Consumer's Federation which was cross-posted by me in both places.

Rob said...

They definitely should have included Kay!

I spent a few minutes this afternoon claiming and pointing it to

What's the old saying? Print anything about me you want, but at least spell my name right...

Perhaps God does in deed have a sense of irony - e.g. I thought the difference/superiority of the traditional media was the careful control and feedback involving multiple layers of editors and fact-checkers.


If you're doing a story about bloggers (who live & die by the URL), you would think they'd make more than a casual attempt to get the URL's correct!


Everybody should have hit and subscribed to the RSS feed. It's the best way I know of to keep up with what's going on in Tennessee!

- Rob (aka RedHatRob)

Kay Brooks said...

Smart move to claim the Bob version.

Well, I'm sure you'll find a sweet and sincere apology from the Tennessean for getting your name wrong in the next corrections section. ;-)