Thursday, August 21, 2008

Need to upgrade MS Office II

I posted about this last November and as a very happy customer I'm glad to let folks know that Microsoft is again offering their Office 2007 ULTIMATE for just $60.

The catch is it has to be purchased by a college student (defined as taking .5 credit AND having an email ending in .edu from a list of approved schools). Last year's EULA allowed my college son to give it to me to register. This time the sale doesn't expire until 12/31/10 so you've got some time. I wouldn't wait though. I've found that OneNote alone has been worth the price. The upgrades to Outlook, Word and Excel all of which I use regularly are huge and appreciated. If you've wondered how a mom still homeschooling three and active in her communities gets so much done, good tools are an important component. This is one of them.

The package includes:

  • Access® 2007
  • Accounting Express 2008 *
  • Excel® 2007
  • InfoPath® 2007
  • Groove® 2007
  • OneNote® 2007
  • Outlook® 2007 with Business Contact Manager *
  • PowerPoint® 2007
  • Publisher 2007
  • Word 2007

Here's the link: MS Office Ultimate 2007 absolute steal.

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