Friday, June 24, 2005

Who would bully Bredesen?

An anecdote about Gov. Phil Bredesen's younger years starts this Nashville City Paper article on the new anti-bullying law which I blogged about in April. So far it looks like he turned out OK, despite that earlier rough treatment.

But for me, the most interesting part of this article comes at the end:

The Tennessee School Board Association plans to create a model policy that will be distributed to local school districts. The districts will then have the discretion to draft their own, [Sen. Diane] Black [R-Gallatin] said. Under the new law, school districts are required to file a copy of their bullying policy with the Commissioner of Education by Jan. 1, 2006.


Black says she would like to see how the law works for at least a couple years to allow for the system to develop statistical information regarding the problem. In addition, teachers would be able to provided input as to how well the law works, she said.

How about input from parents, eh?

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