Friday, June 24, 2005

Thanks for your support, but...

Sometimes your friends mean well, but it just doesn't really help. Chattanooga school board member Charles Love was indicted in Operation Tennessee Waltz. Coming to his defense and supporting his continuing to participate in school board business the following comment was made:

[Love & State Senator Ward Crutchfield] only been indicted," said school board member Debra Mathews. "We can look at Michael Jackson. He was indicted, you know... and he was found not guilty, so I'ma [sic] take a wait and see attitude. From Channel 9.

Do you really want the names of a two time indicted child molester and a school board member in the same sentence?

Sen. Crutchfield was serving as the school board's legal advisor but resigned once indicted. The news report continues with:

They say they have received resumes from people who want to apply for the vacant spot. But instead of filling the position, the board elected to take a step back. After some debate, they voted unanimously tonight to approve a legal committee. The three-person committee will decide whether a replacement for Crutchfield is necessary. Some say the board will do just fine without him, or someone to take his place.
Umm...maybe they could have figured this out before now, money being as tight as it is and all.

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