Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Attorney and client.

Senator Ward Crutchfield is the attorney for the Hamilton County School Board members. Fellow Operation Tennessee Waltz indictee Charles Love is one of those board members. Thanks to Adam Groves of Simply I for pointing that out.

According to this Tennessean article Sen. Crutchfield's position as their attorney is, understandably, in jeopardy.

Joe Conner, a member and former chairman of the board, said he would not speculate on what action will be taken when the board meets next on June 23 but said Crutchfield's contract will be on the agenda.

According to the article Sen. Crutchfield has been their attorney since 1988 and it's worth about $50K a year.

And concerning Mr. Love's status on the board:
Conner said Love is a chairman of the group's Facilities Committee. "The board may suggest something along those lines. That's within the prerogative of the chair, to ask him to step aside from any leadership role at this time. That could very well happen," Conner said.
Mr. Love won't be required to forfeit his seat unless he is actually convicted.

More details in that Tennessean article.

For details on the Hamilton County School Board operation you can read their policy document approved in December of 2004--288 pages in .pdf format. It calls for members to be of "recognized integrity" (page 5) and page 11 talks about conflicts of interest and penaties.
"...he/she shall forfeit all pay and compensation and shall be dismissed from the Board and be ineligible to serve in the same or similar position for ten (10) years." Their citation is TCA 12-4-101 and TCA 12-4-102.

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