Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hip, Hip...ummm...hold that thought.

I was wondering if all the hoopla around Metro Nashville Public School's scores were to be believed. Seemed too good to be true when their budget was hanging in the balance. Dave Shearon actually took a few minutes to examine the issue and makes four good points we all ought to consider.


Jon Crisp said...

I have received multiple telephone calls from educators that believe that the numbers were so good because Dr. Garcia solicited the state to remove the special ed student scores. The educators that called me believe that this was accomplished and we are not comparing apples to apples. If this is true, and the school board provided information they knew to be misleading in order to sway the Metro Council vote...the results will be catastophic for them at the ballot box...both in the upcoming sales tax referendum and school board elections. We are obtaining the states results as we speak and a breakdown of who was included. More to follow.

Kay Brooks said...

I'm all ears, Jon. If the Board of Education did mislead us, accomodated one point of view over another, or were lax about not demanding accurate information, those seats ought to be very difficult to keep.

Looks like George Blue (District 2), Kathy Nevill of 4, Mebenin Awipi of 6 and Kathleen Harkey of 8 are next up for election in 2006.

Here's the breakdown of districts: District Map
And here's the list of school board members: Members

The issue of special education students is hot all across the nation and these students are being used over and over as pawns in the whole game.