Friday, June 03, 2005

More Waltzing.

Hamilton County Board of Education member, Charles Love, recently indicted in the "Tennessee Waltz" sting is now in trouble with the Registry of Election Finance. According to Chattanooga's WTVC-TV, Mr. Love tried to amend his registration to include the bogus FBI E-Cycle Management company the day before Mr. Love was arrested.

Too little, too late.

And from WMCTV in Memphis comes these quotes:

"In our country, a person is innocent until proven guilty," [Hamilton County School] board member Janice Boydston said. "Accusations don't make it so. At this juncture, I think its premature to do anything." But board member Marty Puryear thinks both men should be let go. "Under the circumstances, I think they probably should step aside until they are either cleared or a verdict is rendered," Puryear said.
I think it's clear that Mr. Love's job as a lobbyist already violates the TSBA rules and he ought to never have been on the board in the first place. Both of these gentlemen will be quite busy in the near future. I don't know how they could continue to focus their energies on the needs of the children in their schools and defend themselves against such a large federal investigation. It would seem best for the children if they allowed someone else to pick up these responsibilities during the time they, understandably, must focus on their defense.

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