Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"Student's don't have to go to school..."

Hamilton County schools are utilizing the web instead of summer school and Education Week highlighted their efforts in the June 15 edition.

Students in Tennessee’s Hamilton County schools won’t trudge to classrooms in the syrupy July heat for summer school. Instead, they can boot up a computer at home or almost any place else with an Internet connection and take classes online.

The summer Web-based classes will supplant the 40,000-student district’s traditional summer school courses, according to a district official.

I'm always glad to see more education options being utilized. But as a homeschooling mom I had to smile when I read the following quote:

“Students don’t have to go to school, they don’t have to put on [school] clothes, and the teacher can sit with a cup of coffee or with a baby on her knee while [she teaches],” said Charlene Becker, the director of instruction for secondary schools for the Hamilton County district, which includes the city of Chattanooga.

Additional information can be read at Chattanoogan.com.

The convenience and flexibility of Hamilton County’s Virtual School program has made the program very attractive to students outside of Hamilton County Schools. Each year, the program continues to see an increase in enrollments by students from other public school systems in Tennessee, as well as private school students and home school students.

Now, let's see how far we can extend this legitimate educational delivery system in the State of Tennessee.

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