Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Enough Already"

And they say homeschoolers have socialization issues---sheesh!

Today's USA Today has an article titled "Enough Already with Kid Gloves" which goes into the lengths educators are taking now days to save children from hurt feelings. All of which completely overlooks the fact that no employer, landlord or spouse is going to be so kind and accomodating. Talk about setting them up for failure in the real world. Lavender pens, tug of peace, juggling with (non-threatening) scarves instead of balls are accomodations that are all likely to hit them hard when they step out of the cocoon of public education.

In the meantime this family is still using red pens, expects a job done right the first time, doesn't extend credit and will continue the practice of pointing out that yes, that attempt by the child was a complete flop--but we still love them.

(Thanks to Elizabeth.)

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