Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarahcuda's on the move

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin made her own declaration of independence yesterday by announcing that she's resigning as governor of Alaska. It was another gutsy and smart move on her part that has confounded the experts and has many writing her political obituary. I believe it's just wishful thinking on their part and these folks have no clue what just hit them.

Since Sen. John McCain chose her to run as his vice-president she, her family, and her staff have been through the wringer as opponents have turned over every rock in hopes of taking her down. Every time she sneezed a FOIA request was filed demanding to know what kind of facial tissue she used, where it was disposed, a doctor's report on her health and who else was in the room that might become infected. Tennessee's own Rep. Mike Kernell's (D-Memphis) son David, entered into the battle by pulling the boneheaded move of hacking into Palin's email account. In this battle nothing was off limits. Absolutely, nothing. 15 ethics complaints were filed...all were eventually dismissed. The attack dogs had the deep financial pockets of various organizations and entities. The Palin's had their household income and a few friends to pay off $500,000 in lawyer fees. Politics saw a new level of dirty. Some made it their life goal to grind this family below ground.

The only thing that could be done to stop this most nasty warfare was to leave the political fishbowl that provided so much fodder for her enemies to cull through. Now that Palin's life is private she has the freedom to do a great deal. She has very effectively cut off that distracting and resource sucking nonsense. Hopefully, she'll quickly hit the speaker's circuit and bring in more than enough cash to pay off those lawyer fees. Then she can earn a tidy sum to care for the family. The best revenge, they say, is living well.

In the meantime she's making more and more friends and creating even more supporters across the nation. She'll be priming the conservative pump that will begin gushing and overfilling the pots that will steep all this TEA that's being brewed across the nation. Her enemies may have pushed her out of office but the result will be a stronger, freer and even more effective Sarahcuda.


Unknown said...

you said:

"Her enemies may have pushed her out of office but the result will be a stronger, freer and even more effective Sarahcuda."

Do we really want an elected offical that can be pushed out of office by standard political mudslinging?

Kay Brooks said...

I've been watching campaigns since Carter. There is no way her treatment was 'standard political mudslinging'.

Unknown said...

okay, suppose it was really bad mudslinging, the fact remains you yourself said she can be pushed from office due to these attacks, what does that say about her if she does achieve another elected position.

Kay Brooks said...

That having endured the worst the shameful left could meet out at this time she regrouped and made a successful comeback.

Unknown said...

the jurys still out on a comeback. what will be your response if she really has left politics for good.

N.S. Allen said...

Sorry, but there's just no way to spin Palin resigning from the only important political post that she's ever held with more than a year to go into a wise move. Sure, her base will love it. They love her, and they hate elected office. Having her out of it will make them feel paradoxically empowered.

But for the huge number of people who thought she was off-kilter, erratic, and not quite all there, this will just reinforce the negative image they already had of her. If she doesn't really intend to retire from politics after this, she'll have a hard time not doing it anyway.

(Incidentally, the idea that this will keep the prying media off of her is just silly. Not only is that pretty plainly not what Palin wants - this is the latest in a series of attention-grabbing stunts - but it's also hopeless. She's an "important" figure, and she'll be getting media-stalked until she's gray-haired and decrepit.)

Kay Brooks said...

You guys are funny. You're just going to have to wait and see what she actually does when she does it.

Kay Brooks said...

I've deleted Joel's comment. Take the "Caribou Barbie" fantasies to another place.

Josh Painter said...

If John McCain had been elected president and Sarah Palin become VP, would the same conservatives who are now condemning her for "abandoning" her governor's job condemn her for that also?

If not, why not? Anyone who voted for McCain-Palin and is now criticizing her for quitting her job is a hypocrite, IMO.

- JP

Unknown said...

The reasons of Palin resignation are controversial. What could be the real cause of her decision? Vote on the most possible one -

Staying Under The Radar said...

Ellen said...

According to a new CBS poll, Sarah Palin faces doubts, even from Republicans, about her ability to be an effective president. Less than 1 in 4 Americans think she has the ability. Among Republicans, only one-third say Palin could be effective.

Regarding the so-called "Tea Parties" in TN, I attended the so-called Mid-TN Tea Party tax protest at the Rutherford Co. courthouse last Friday. How many of those morons do you think know that TN RECEIVES 27% MORE FEDERAL FUNDING THAN TN TAXPAYERS PAY IN FEDERAL TAXES? I don't see they have all that much to complain about in TN. Everywhere you look, there's a new road being built or improved...(thanks to the Blue states that give more than they get). Also, I wonder what other event could attract a 100% white crowd of nearly a thousand people? (a KKK rally perhaps?)

BTW, it surprises me that an educator would back someone like Palin who struggled through Bachelors Degree, changing colleges 6 times in 6 yrs.

Kay Brooks said...

And Reagan was just that actor in that Bonzo movie. Yeah, I got it. Folks seemed to have overlooked the fact she didn't mention a presidential run. In fact seemed to indicate she'd be working outside that circus.

Maybe you could cite your 27% figure. Regardless, the protests are not about how much of the federal dollars are received it's about how much is taken and the growth of government that will ensure it continues to take and take and take leaving less and less and less for our own needs.

I've been at several Nashville events and have many people of color and at least one orthodox Jew. At both recent Tea Party events the featured speakers were black. Can't speak for the Rutherford County event. But since the local press here didn't seem to see anyone of color at our events I wouldn't doubt that you similarly overlooked anyone of color. Too often folks see what they intend to see.

Ellen said...

Interesting to note that ALL of the top ranking 15 states that give the largest amount of taxes as compared to the federal funding they received are Obama voting states. 8 of the top 10 states that get far more than they give in taxes are McCain voting states where the 'Tea Parties' are sooo big. In fact, TX is the only McCain state that gives more than it gets, (just 3%). These idiots are biting the hand that feeds them.

Again, I ask you, how many of these morons do you know that go to these Tea Parties are aware of that fact? And where were they for the past 8 years when Bush never vetoed a spending bill while billions were spent weekly in Iraq and fraud and waste were rampant?

GOP - the party of hypocrisy and ignorance.

BS. There is no ignoring the fact that these tea parties are, if not 100% white, then 99.5% white. (BTW... In case you weren't aware, Jews are generally white)

Kay Brooks said...

First off, it doesn't further your argument to continue to call people morons and idiots. Don't do it again or I'll remove your posts. Try and be civil.

Again, it's not about how much money we GET. It's about how much goes out and the growth and interference of government in our lives. I'd just as soon most of our money stay home and we take care of our own roads, schools and medical needs. Why bother sending it to DC at all when the only thing that will happen is they'll skim a good percentage off the top and send us the remainder tied to onerous strings?

I can't answer where 'they' were during the Bush 43 years. I can only say where I was. I didn't agree with overspending and government intrusion then and certainly don't now. The difference is the massive movement in that direction by the Obama administration in just 6 months. THAT got people's attention and cause them to realize 'enough is enough'.

Yes, the GOP has enabled big government. Many of us are hoping to fix that. It's not unusual for Tea Party attendees to boo Republican legislators who enabled big government (and dared to show their faces) at these events as a quick search of YouTube will reveal.

Just repeating your own made up percentage of color in the tea parties doesn't make it fact. Jews may be 'generally' white but they are also of color. They are also an ethic minority that doesn't generally vote for the right side of the aisle. Also highly unlikely to participate in anything that smacks of the KKK.

Kay Brooks said...

Err... make that 'ethnic minority' not ethic.

Ellen said...

Why bother sending it to DC at all when the only thing that will happen is they'll skim a good percentage off the top

Read again... here in TN, we get more than we give. No one likes taxes, so consider yourself lucky that we live in a state that gives a federal education appropriation that helps in securing your job. Without stimulus money, you just might find yourself unemployed. Don't get me wrong, I hate the bailouts but so many people arguing against Obama's initiatives are clueless. Educators like yourself argue against socialized medicine while reaping the benefits of it. Hey guess what, virtually every state and federal employee has socialized medicine. The Veterans Administration is socialized medicine, should we eliminate that? And all teacher group health insurance as well? Get a clue.

I know it may seem like it around here, but Jews are not considered 'people of color' or a minority. The EEOC definition of 'minority' includes Blacks, Hispanics, Asian or Pacific Islanders and American Indians or Alaskan Natives. "Jews" are not a race, they are a religion. The only people who have defined Jews as a 'race' are people like the KKK and the Nazis.

Kay Brooks said...

I am not a government employee. Funny you should assume that.

Again, it's not about 'getting more than we give' it's about taking at all and the astonishing loss of freedom.

We should not eliminate VA benefits as it was a contractual promise as a part of the terms of service. If you want to change the terms of future contracts...have at it.