Friday, July 17, 2009

Excuse me?

Just read this at the Tennessean political blog:

'Wamp criptically [sic] tweeted today,

Working people should be wary of candidates who’ve never had trouble paying their taxes, cause they’ll grow govt and raise your taxes.”'

I read this and thought…wait so is gubernatorial candidate Rep. Zach Wamp saying we should embrace folks who HAVE had trouble paying their taxes? Surely not. I’d rather have a governor that didn’t have any tax issues at all, actually.

Wamp shouldn’t make this contest anything close to class warfare. Is this what 14 years in Congress does to your thinking? I don’t fault Mayor Bill Haslam for being rich. Happy he’s got it. Hope he’s using it wisely. Hope he's sharing it.

What I need is a governor who understands clearly that the state budget isn’t their money by right and that every dime comes from hard working folks who also need it. They should look at those golf courses, party bunkers or higher ed expansion and say---are these even a legitimate functions of government and more importantly is it right to ask the Brooks to hold off buying shoes for the kids or tires for the car to pay for it?

Shrinking government and making sure we're only spending money where we must will go a long way toward ensuring lots of Tennesseans don't have trouble paying their taxes.

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