Monday, July 20, 2009

The Counter's at Zero

Today's day 7 of the new 'guns in bars' bill. I expect the Tennessean and the gun nuts at GunsAndAlcoholDontMix will be secretly disappointed that the count meter for 'shoot 'em ups' between legal handgun carry permit holders will read zero in the morning. They certainly won't say it out loud of course. But a few deaths between now and the court hearing would certainly bolster their case.

From RedHatRob: "You can’t stop people from carrying firearms into bars (or parks for that matter). You can only disarm the responsible law-abiding citizens, so they won’t be able to defend themselves."

"...won't be able to defend themselves." or the rest of us.

It's illogical thinking that causes a bar owner to never consider metal detectors and frisking patrons for weapons until carry permit holders (who've been better vetted than the POTUS) have their Second Amendment rights affirmed.

I told you they were gun nuts.

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