Friday, October 10, 2008

TCSA starts blog

Announcing a brand new blog at those of you interested in charter schools in Tennessee.

Their introductory post:

The TN charter blog - courtesy of the TN Charter Schools Association (TCSA) - is here to bring you news, musings, and other happenings in the TN charter world. We hope to be informative, but also entertaining (many times lighthearted, but at times irreverent!)

Because there's no shortage of shoddy reporting, misrepresented facts, and unscrupulous agendas working against kids, we'll stay on top of the charter news, setting the record straight, and also bring to you commentary on charter policy, school results, and other items of interest. Most of all, we want to rouse within you, a passion for charter schools, which offer great educational opportunities for public school parents and students. We have 16 charter schools in the state helping nearly 4,000 students climb the mountain to college.

Posts will come not only from TCSA staff, but also guest bloggers - to offer a wide range of viewpoints and commentary. We hope you'll follow the blog!
And so they're off and running by highlighting new charter schools in Chattanooga, that great video from the Brits about school choice which has been making the rounds, and an examination of Memphis money issues and how charters are managing to make do--and do well.

Go visit and set your RSS feed to subscribe.

Tennesse Charter Schools Association
5202 Idaho Avenue
Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: 615-498-2916

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Buckley said...

Looks like a good blog, though the writer could be more clear and precise in places. Thanks for letting us know.

Do you know if any new charters are applying to MNPS?