Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama misquotes Heritage Foundation

This from the Heritage Foundation's Insider's Blog just now.

Heritage Asks Obama Campaign to Pull Ad with Inaccurate Quote

The Heritage Foundation has sent a letter asking Barack Obama’s campaign to pull an ad that falsely describes Heritage analysis of Barack Obama’s tax plan. The ad claims Heritage analysis shows “the middle class would likely pay less under Mr. Obama’s plan.” In the letter, Heritage lawyer Alan P. Dye tells the Obama campaign that the source of the quote was not in fact any Heritage analysis, but rather a New York Sun article that erroneously summarized the views of Heritage analyst Rea Hederman. (snip)

Senator McCain’s plan is substantially better at spurring economic growth than Senator Obama’s. This is not surprising, since Senator McCain focuses on economic growth and job creation while Senator Obama focuses on the redistribution of income.


Buckley said...

I'll get a $1469 tax cut under Obama and $645 under McCain. But again, not what I'm basing my vote on.

Eric H said...

I can't seem to get a real life answer out of either one of their sites. Obama's gives me different answers depending on which part you read and McCain's wants to count tax-free health insurance.

I suspect either one will end up giving us a negative tax cut like Bill Clinton did in 1993.

They both voted to steal $700 billion from us already.

Kay Brooks said...

I'm not happy about that $700 Billion either. Not a good start for either one of them.

But, like Teach mentions...many of us vote based on more than money. Thankfully, their positions on those other issues don't tend to be so murky.