Friday, October 31, 2008

Good news for charter schools

Charter schools got a bit of equity today from the Tennessee Attorney General. Glad to read it. Looks like Metro Nashville Public School's Central Office needs to start writing refund checks back to the charter schools. I've no doubt the charters will use those funds wisely.

In Opinion 08-169:

QUESTION Tenn. Code Ann. § 49-13-112 provides that “The local board of education shall allocate one hundred percent (100.%) of the state and local education funds to the charter school on the per pupil expenditure of the LEA.1 The per pupil expenditure shall be based on the prior year average daily membership (ADM) of the LEA.”

May a board of education circumvent this statutory funding requirement and reduce the funding to which the charter school would be statutorily entitled by conditioning the charter school’s contract upon payment of an “administrative fee” to the board of education?

No. There is no statutory authority for a local board of education to impose an administrative fee upon charter schools.

Clarifying comments at the Tennessee Charter Schools Association blog.


Eric H said...

I would rather see the non-charter public schools reduce their funding to the level they saw fit to give the public charters - and send the refund checks to the taxpayer.

Alternatively, they could explain why more money produced lesser results.

Kay Brooks said...


I'm not holding my breath though.

Another Day said...
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