Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Update of BOE meeting 8/22/06

The MNPS board secretary confirmed that the wording for GP3.10 which passed 9-0 on the consent agenda was the same one discussed at the last BOE meeting and pulled by me for a specific vote. At that time the board voted to remove it all together and now this board has reinstated it without discussion.

"Facilitating timely and efficient communications with the administration and constituents by offering to each Board member the use of a district provided laptop or a residential fax line with fax machine.”
She also provided me with the committee appointments made by Chair Pam Garrett

Charter Schools Committee
Connie Williams [ Executive Director of PENCIL Foundation] and
Sydney Rodgers [Chamber of Commerce Alignment Nashville]

CGCS [Council of Great City Schools] Convention
George Thompson
, honorary chair [long time BOE member and new chairman of CGCS]
Kathy Nevill,
acting chair [former BOE member and vice-chair]
and George [Thompson] announced that
Dr. Garcia
[Director of MNPS] would be co-chair

Committee to Evaluate the Director [Dr. Garcia] –
Ed Kindall, chair
Marsha Warden
Pam Garrett [currently BOE chair]
Steve Glover [new board member covering Kathy Nevill's old seat]

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Anonymous said...

Yep. Five African American members and only one on the Committee to Evaluate. So, twenty percent of AA members on the committee and 75% of the white members. This committee has been stacked with pro-Garcia members. And it begins.

Steve Glover shouldn't be on the committee and Karen Johnson (we're not sure where she stands, so presumably she's open minded) should.