Thursday, August 24, 2006

Magnet shutout

Bernie Driscoll's magnet school effort isn't going away and gets some support from the Tennessean this morning in an editorial headlined "Why the magnet shutout?".

School authorities point out that current policy says the roster of students for school closes on the first day of school. But parent Bernie Driscoll asks why schools can't create leeway so if a student moves or decides not to attend the magnet school, another student could fill that seat. Given the intense desire among students and their parents to be part of magnet schools, filling in those spots would appear to be common sense.
Ah, yes, common sense.
Driscoll says he's a "loudmouth" in raising the issue, but maybe a loudmouth is what the schools need on this issue, because it really shouldn't be so controversial.
I'm with Bernie on this and we're still waiting to hear why this policy is necessary and should not be changed. Dr. Garcia?

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