Thursday, August 10, 2006

New board e-mail addresses

On August 22 the new MNPS school board will be sworn in. During this transition time it might be helpful to include the newly elected board members in discussions and correspondence so I'm providing the e-mail addresses of those board members for the community to utilize. Clicking on the District # will take you to the MNPS website for that district. Not sure which district is yours? Check here. Clicking on the name will bring up your e-mail so you can write them.

District 1: George Thompson
District 2: Joann Brannon
District 3: Pam Garrett (BOE Chair)
District 4: Steve Glover
District 5: Gracie Porter
District 6: Karen Johnson
District 7: Ed Kindall
District 8: David Fox
District 9: Marsha Warden

Want to e-mail them all? Here ya go.

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