Monday, July 10, 2006

Legitimate voice

I've come across two interesting quotes in the last couple of months. I've been critized in some quarters as not having a legitimate voice in public education because my children don't attend public schools. I maintain that as long as the system requires my vote and my tax money to operate I have a legitimate voice and should not be denied full partnership in the process.

I'm not alone in my thinking.

"Ownership: Nashville's schools belong to all of us. We need to include parents and community members as invested contributors to our schools, not silent partners."

Gracie Porter 34 year MNPS employee and candidate for the 5th District. [the page isn't loading currently.]

"Every citizen in the community has special gifts to bring to the table. I'm just really interested in communities owning and being involved in their public schools. It's not going to be enough for professional educators to be the only ones that have an investment. Our whole city has an investment in the health of our public schools, whether or not we have children in them."

Reverand Lisa Hunt [who preceeded me as the representative of the 5th District and resigned after 3 years to take another job] quoted in The Tennessean
July 5, 2003 in clarifying her opinion that more community involvement was the answer to problems facing schools. This said about a month after her appointment to the Metro School Board by the Metro Council following the resignation of her predecessor Patricia Crotwell.

Thanks for the support, ladies.

This is an important issue. Because if they can silence me they can silence others who are "only" voters and taxpayers. This whole system is accountable to voters and taxpayers. Let's hold their feet to the fire and demand a full return for our investment. Our future, as well as the future of the children who will inherit this world, depends upon our taking a stand and saying "This is not good enough."

We can do better. We MUST do better.


S_town Mike said...

After listening to the Nashville Scene Podcast interviews with School Board candidates and reviewing the information available about each of the candidates, I will be supporting Kay Brooks.

Keep up the good work Kay!

Kay Brooks said...

Uh...thanks, Mike. ;-)

S-townMike said...

Posers in a pod.

Anonymous said...

You are also getting my vote. What a great blog...keep up the good work.

Kay Brooks said...

Thanks, CL. I do appreciate your support and the support of the other teachers who've decided that I'm the better candidate.