Friday, July 14, 2006

Early voting begins

I and other candidates were at Howard School bright and early this morning to welcome early voters and thank them for participating in the process.

There were a couple of folks that weren't appreciative of any candidate's thanks. There's just no need to respond to a cheery thank you with rudeness. You've had your say on the ballot. Going on and on about why you didn't vote for the thanker only makes you look petty and, maybe more importantly, reflects badly on your candidate.

School Board Members also there were Dr. Mebinin Awipi and Kathleen Harkey. I didn't notice any of the other school board candidates there. [Correction: Candidate Karen Johnson was there.] By 9:00 it was plenty hot on that gravel parking lot. Ms. Harkey was sharing her ice cold water and Judge Dalton her sunscreen and the shade from her large sign truck.

The new voting machines were demonstrated at our Inglewood Neighborhood Alliance meeting last Thursday. The demonstrator model was a bit shakey but these were plenty sturdy. I did have a bit of trouble with the touch screen. Maybe it was the sunscreen on my finger but sometimes I had to hit the name several times or come back to it after touching other names before it would 'take'. Don't give up too soon. The ballot is screens and screens long (13 for me) and the school board candidates are at the very end. Hang in there.

Here's a link to the schedule for early voting. It's only at Howard School this week and will include other locations beginning Saturday 7/22. I would encourage you to vote early. You never know what unexpected thing may come up.

In what all too often seems like a battle of the signs it really does come down to votes. So no matter how you vote, I'm glad you did.


Anonymous said...

For some foolish reason,you expect the public to treat you with respect when you arrogantly slither your way into office by morally questionable means and "backroom politics".You must believe the end justifies the means.Can't stand the heat,well,you know the rest.

Kay Brooks said...

There was nothing 'morally questionable' about my actions in asking councilmembers for their votes. I was introduced to them and asked for their support in the council chambers, in public during three different public occasions. It can't get any less 'backroom' than that.

Frankly, I was amazed at how unobservent the press and other councilpeople were at the time. Perhaps no one noticed me because I am active in my neighborhood and it didn't seem odd for me to be there.

Anonymous said...

Deny all you wish,Ms.Brooks,I am certainly not alone in this well founded opinion.Your vain attempt at history revisionism is weak to say the least.You were placed in this postion not by your qualifications,but by the direction of your political slant,and the belief of some of the more conservative members of the council that you would be an effective tool for their,and maybe even your political agenda.Because of the questionable nature of your coronation,I am of the belief that you entered into this "deal with the devil",not for the benefit of the school system as a whole,but for an agenda that is contrary to the public interest.YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAS MADE THIS "POLITICS",stop your whinning about the backlash!

Kay Brooks said...

Well, you got one part right. I'm not in this "for the benefit of the school system". I'm in it for the benefit of the children the system was originally designed to serve.

Anonymous said...

"I'm in it for the benefit of the children the system was originally designed to serve."

Way to avoid the point,Ms.Brooks.The system is the children,and you know it.Another example of political rhetoric,words with no real value.

Get used to the rough treatment.Try though you will,you can not avoid the association with "cheap" politics.It will be a long election season,and I fear a not very enjoyable one.This is a situation of your own making,so quit your whinning.This is politics,WEAR A CUP!

Kay Brooks said...

No, the system is NOT the children.

The system is the behemoth jobs program for adults that despite having over half a billion dollars at its disposal still manages to fail 60% of the students in my local high school, insists that children spend their days in unhealthy buildings, refuses to pay the best wages to the best teachers and gets very defensive when a mom dares to stand up and question it.

Anonymous said...

Give em heck Kay!

Since Jim Collins "is not alone this well founded opinion" I can take solace in the fact that you are driving a boat load of people crazy. The system - not the kids - has gotten us abysmal graduation rates, attendance and discipline problems, and schools that aren't safe. And they squeal like a stuck pig when any one dares question them.

Keep questioning the status quo and demand accountability. Work for change and improvement and be willing to embrace new ideas.

and please teach Jim Collins to spell "whining".

Good luck in the election

Anonymous said...

Excuse me,but I resent the "_______" methods [you fill in the blank] used to get you appointed to the board.You may or may not be a positive addition to the board,that remains to be seen.I don't disagree that there are many things that need to be fixed in the way our schools are being run.I know this because I spent eight years working as a parent with a local High School on a number of boards and as an officer of two parental organizations.Metro public schools educated all three of my children.Someone very close to me works at a Metro school.I think I have "some" practical knowledge of the situation.I AM NOT SITTING OUTSIDE THE TENT!
It is a shame this has become a situation where a persons political leanings trump their qualifications.However,you and your "advisors" seem to have made it such.Therefore I FEAR your motivations and methods.If the education of the children,ALL THE CHILDREN,is not paramount,then we are in trouble.Are changes needed,the answer is obvious,but the welfare of the educational process should never be slave to a politician's agenda.
People will continue to snipe at you until you prove to them you are not a "puppet" of certain political brokers.Expect it,get over it.

To anonymous,I am so sorry about the spelling,but I am happy you take solice in driving people crazy.So very sad!

Kay Brooks said...
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Kay Brooks said...

Sniping is such a waste of time and too many of these children don't have any to waste.

I understand that it will take some time to show folks I am not the political pawn they assumed and feared I was and that I really do have the abilities to improve the system for the benefit of the children.

However, the children need you and others to put aside assumptions and prejudices long enough to at least listen to what I'm saying and look at my track record of community involvement. You'll find no 'political pawn' in any of that. You'll find a woman who works hard encouraging folks to participate, enhances communication, and has helped get things done that have been of benefit to the communities she's been involved in. I know all that's not a chili supper--but it's been pretty effective.

Anonymous said...

okay Jim Collins, along with whining, add solace

btw, ever notice the high proportion of home schooled kids in the champion spelling bees?

Anonymous said...

btw, ever notice the high proportion of home schooled kids in the champion spelling bees?

Perhaps it has to do with an education that compensates for the lack of ideas and analysis by focusing on rote tasks (which spelling is)and quantifiable assessment (which is important but not everything.)

This article shows some litigious homeschooling parents even upset at the practice of spelling words that convey ideas.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous2

Alternatively, maybe the success home schoolers have in spelling bees is due to an education that insists on a mastery of the fundamentals.

We expect children to learn multiplication and division before progressing to higher levels of math. Is it wrong to expect them to to spell as a part of their foundation in the language? Or are you a proponent of ebonics?

And yes I could see how a parent could be upset at the inclusion of an age inappropriate word in a spelling bee.

Kay Brooks said...

My sources tell me the spelling bee lawsuit is the result of a fertile imagination.

"The Swift Report flows mainly from the pen of Arlington's own Jennifer Berkshire. Ms. B is a freelance journalist who has been plowing the fertile ground of fake news with her Chicago-based Web partner, Matt Howard, since November. Berkshire writes under the nom de plume ''Deanna Swift," the fictional wife of Jonathan Swift, himself something of a wit and hoaxster in the pre-Internet era."

Anonymous said...

Heh, heh. I hear The Onion has some really ground-breaking stuff.

This could be a job for s_town...

Anonymous said...

What - and give up the gig as neighborhood organizer? Why that would cut into the time available to snipe about Kay Brooks, Mike Jameson, the latest conspiracy theories, and touting how he was the first to tell us all about gangs and the impending supernova of our sun.

Im betting S-Town Mike will have none of that.