Monday, July 10, 2006

Fresh face?

When is the newbie not a fresh face? When after just 7 weeks on the board of education she's lumped with two full-termers. Oddly, the candidate with 34 years in the system that's in serious need of repair does get the endorsement under the headline "Chamber wants only fresh faces on the school board".

To be fair, I didn't fill in the Chamber's survey. I'm not convinced the Chamber really has the interests of the children at heart. I asked their Bob Obrohta at the Mayor's State of Metro speech to provide the community with website links to back copies of their report cards so we would have a better understanding of where we'd been over time. They have invested a huge amount of time and resources in producing those report cards but they are not on the Chamber's website for comparative review. Mr. Obrohta has been unable to provide those even after being reminded weeks later. On 6/5/06 he wrote me that he was only involved in the last two and

"Prior to that it was other individuals and I have had difficulty finding their records."
For a group of business people who depend on accurate information to be successful I have a hard time believing that they'd tolerate this loss of cumulative information in their own enterprises. It shouldn't be anything less in regard to the education of Nashville's children.

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