Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ya gotta pay attention in class

In their efforts to defeat Arnold the California Teacher's Association decided to start collecting extra 'dues' from their union members.

Lead plaintiff Judy Liegmann, a fifth-grade teacher from Sunnyvale, said she found out about the three-year increase in late June from the CTA representative at her school. The union never formally notified her or told her of her constitutionally guaranteed options.

"Assessing dues for political purposes without asking permission [from members] ahead of time is very strange," Liegmann said. "That's money that has to do with our convictions. The union has done nothing to let teachers know they voted in an arbitrary way to dip into every teacher's paycheck to fight a political battle whether the teachers liked it or not."

It's not so strange. And I've heard this before from other union members. If you're a member of one, you may want to check on what your's is spending your hard earned dollars on. If you're a teacher consider the Professional Educators of Tennessee.

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