Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Stranger than fiction

Sometimes ya just gotta laugh. I've long thought that too many of our schools were looking more and more like prisons with their smaller windows, regimenting bells, hall passes, metal detectors and school 'resource' officers and less and less like fun places for young children to learn. I know that many parents welcome 'back to school' time and some already stressing about what to do with the darlings over Christmas vacation. And so I laughed out loud at my own self when I read:

ATTICA—A group of disgruntled sign-carrying parents are expected protest a proposal by the Lapeer Community Schools Board of Education to close Attica Ele-mentary School... From the County Press in MI

Can you think of a more badly named school for young children? Or am I the only on that read Attica and immediately pictured the New York maximum security prison?

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