Thursday, November 24, 2005

Plain speaking

Dave Shearon has some things to say about a recent Tennessean editorial regarding the teacher's union's demands for arbitration after the defeat of the sales tax referendum 'for schools'.

Has anybody got a clue what the Tennessean is trying to say in today's editorial (copy below)? It looks like they're blaming the school board that the MNEA leadership is demanding arbitration.

It's a shame that neither the MNEA nor the Tennessean can read and understand plain English.

[And someone hand a clue to the MNEA webmaster. When I Google to find your site for shouldn't come up as the fourth entry and certainly not, disturbingly, behind the Metro Public school and Metro Government sites. And change that meta tag from 'index' to a more professional looking 'Welcome to the MNEA' or something similar. In fact, your whole set of meta tags needs an overhaul.]

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