Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Magic MCC numbers

Three minutes of 'magic' numbers on the Music City Center. The wording scrolls by pretty fast but that matches the warp speed at which we're expected to approve this debacle and it perfectly matches the "Whoa, wait a minute here" frustration of the community that is looking for council members to stop this freight train. I have a basic rule...the faster the salesman talks the more quickly I leave the deal in the dust.

Tuesday, January 19 the council votes on this. They need to hear from you. They need encouragement to stand against another instance of generational theft.

Email them: Council.Members@nashville.gov
Sign the petition, if you haven't already: http://www.gopetition.com/online/32923.html
Attend a community meeting and ask them why we should spend a billion dollars on a convention center while we're stuck with a new sewer tax, schools are leaking, we have more homeless or whatever the issue is in your neighborhood.

Upcoming Community Meetings:
Jan. 6
Council members Anna Page and Sandra Moore host community meeting at Coleman Park, 734 Thompson Lane, 6 pm

Jan. 7 Council members Carl Burch, Phil Claiborne, Jim Gotto, Darren Jernigan, and Bruce Stanley host community meeting at Hermitage Police Precinct, 7-9 pm

Jan. 7 Council members Eric Crafton and Emily Evans host community meeting at Belleve Middle School, 6:30-8pm

Jan. 11 Metro Council holds special public hearing at Metro Courthouse. 6:30-8pm

Jan. 12 Council members Jason Holleman, Sean McGuire, and Kristine LaLonde host community meeting at West End Middle School, 7-8:30pm

Jan. 12 Council members Mike Jameson, Karen Bennett, Erik Cole, and Jamie Hollin host community meeting at East Police Precinct, 6-8pm

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